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tolo82608 red gloss frame polarized gray lens

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The Tolo has been a great style for our customers over the last 6 years. Early next year Prato will release a new and improved version of the Tolo called Plaka.


To make room for the Plaka we are having our First Ever Close-Out Sale featuring the largest discounts that Prato has ever offered.  Are you ready for the numbers?


tolo 82000 black gloss frame uv gray mirror lens lens-- You can purchase any Tolo UV style for $24.00, an incredible $35.00 saving from our regular price of $59.00.


tolo 82601 tortoise shell frame polarized brown lens 2--  If you want even more savings, you can purchase any Tolo Polarized style for $39.00, a whopping $46.00 less than our regular price of $85.00.


Just click below and you can select from our many Frame Color/Lens combinations.

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